MLP Inspired Derpy Hooves 14″ Plush


Handmade 14″ inch plush, made with minky fabric, featuring machine embroidered details.

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Kazzy’s Plush Emporium has been crafting for nearly 8 years. She became a fan of MLP around 2012, and fell in love with the kindness of the Brony Community after attending the first Midwest Brony Fest. Since then, she’s been busting out plushies and traveling all across the US to attend more conventions. She’s well known for her beanie baby like plushies, which make great shoulder buddies, and donates plush to charity auctions whenever possible. In the past, one of her plush helped raise over $1,000!

We strive to create adorable, cuddly friends for you to love forever. If you’re looking for a plush to snuggle or travel buddy, look no further!


**This plush is already made and ready to ship**


  • This plush is handmade with luxuriously soft Minky Cuddle 3 fabric. (Think ultra soft fabric used for baby blankets!)
  • Approx. 14 inches tall
  • Filled with a mixture of non-allergenic silky poly-fil stuffing, and poly pellets
  • Cutie marks,mouth and eyes are machine embroidered
  • Hand sewn with machine reinforced stitching



Disclaimer: Each plush in my shop is handmade, and reinforced with double machine stitching. Although I do my best to have high quality products, they are still unique art dolls and not meant for children, or rough play. Machine washing not recommended. Spot clean only.


** This pattern is created by MyLittleWaifu, and used with permission. The actual plush is sewn by Kazzy**



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